How to train glutes with gym machines?

Training buttocks has become very fashionable, especially in women. Let’s see how many exercises with machines we can do to train buttocks, whether we are men or women, so in a few weeks we will notice the results of our training.

The buttocks must always be very firm, since it stylizes the figure of men and women, which is why gluteal training has become so fashionable. Training this part of our body is not as easy as doing biceps or quadriceps, but with the help of gym machines, in a few weeks we will have the ass we have always wanted.

Today we are going to know the best machines to strengthen the glutes, in addition, they are machines that we can find in almost all gyms, and other machines that we can buy at Decathlon, for example, to train at home.

Why is it good to train glutes?

The main protagonists of the training are usually the arms and legs, but you also have to do chest, back, abdomen, ankles, calves, buttocks, and even neck and train the resistance of the hands.

The glutes are not only the butt, but they are the support of the skis and also protect the hip and the end of the spine. This is why training this muscle is so important.

The gluteus maximus is the main extensor of our hip and the gluteus medius is the one that stabilizes the pelvis. Having that well-strengthened musculature helps stability, to move with more agility, to make movements with greater ease and safety.

If we have a sedentary life, or spend long days sitting down, having these muscles strengthened reduces pain and improves body posture. Sitting for many hours shortens the psoas and weakens the buttocks, since these muscles help to maintain an upright posture, even if we don’t believe it.

Experts calculate that these muscles, along with the legs, should be trained between 2 and 3 times a week with a medium intensity to obtain good results in about 2 months.

Una sala de gimansio con máquinas

Best machines to train glutes

We are going to take a simple and quick tour of the entire gym so that we know the main machines that we can use to improve the muscles of the legs and buttocks. The workouts are hard, we admit it, but when the results begin to be visible, we feel relieved, happy, proud, etc.

Lying Leg Curl

  • We lie face down and lift the weight almost to our limit of flexion and then slowly extend it for several repetitions with short breaks.
  • This machine has a version for quadriceps, but in this case for glutes and hamstrings , the face-down version is better.

There is also a version of the leg curl, but standing up, and this one works the glutes and legs as well. This machine is not usually in all gyms, so instead we will use the low pulley that we explain below.

low pulley

  • Here we work the extension of the gluteus maximus, and for this we load the weight and tie it to the shoe or to the ankle.
  • What we do are hip extensions , which must be done calmly and carefully, and more so if it is one of our first times.
  • In this exercise you have to stretch backwards by making force with the buttocks and slowly returning.
  • At the same time that the gluteus maximus is working, the hamstrings are also activated, which we have already seen before how important they are for our balance. Also, if we ride a bike or spend many hours sitting, having that part forced is appreciated.

leg press

This machine is in 100% of gyms, and if it is not in ours, we better change. It is a very famous machine and surely it is always caught or is being shared between several people.

  • We sit with our backs pressed together and place our feet on the press with some distance between them.
  • If we place our feet down, we work quadriceps and glutes.
  • If we place our feet up we work femoral and gluteal muscles.
  • If we place them in a sumo position, we will work a lot on the adductors and quadriceps.

Here we have to load the weight that we are able to lift. Be very careful not to overdo it, since the knees and ankles can suffer. In this machine we do inverted squats , so we work the glutes intensely, apart from strengthening the hamstrings or femoral muscles.

Press de piernas para entrenar glúteos

We remember again that it is a very easy exercise to perform, but something dangerous if it is not done well. The back must be close to the seat, the hands NEVER on our knees, always on the armrests and when lifting, the effort must be made from the butt to be more effective.

Machine hip thrust

Not every gym we go to will have this machine, as sometimes we’ll have to do it on the quad extension machine or with a weighted bench and barbell . Our instructor can help us to solve the problem.

  • We place the roller on our hip.
  • We stick the body to the seat and relax the head.
  • The feet have to be at an angle so they don’t slip.
  • We lift fast, hold the weight for about 3 seconds and lower slowly.

machine abductors

A very simple and safe exercise to do, since at all times we maintain good posture and control the weight.

  • We sit supporting the body on the seat.
  • We cling to the lower supports.
  • We open our legs slowly and close slowly.
  • Always drawing strength and momentum from the glutes.

hack squats

A very common machine in gyms and it is about doing squats, but with weight on the shoulders, as if we were carrying a well-laden backpack. This exercise must be done with respect for our body, and not abuse the weight, since the knees and ankles can suffer a lot.

  • We regulate the weight.
  • We lie down without separating the hip from the seat.
  • We go down slowly and go up with some energy.

Smith machine squats

Surely we have seen this machine in our gym, and it is one of the most requested to work quadriceps, femoral and gluteal muscles.

  • We get into a sumo squat position.
  • We put the weight on our shoulders.
  • We go down slowly and when going up it should cost us a bit , if not, we will not be working the area well.