What equipment is needed for mountain biking

All those who have discovered the wonders of mountain biking to enjoy new sensations and destinations, begin to combine that passion with good equipment that improves and makes the activity easier, allowing them to focus on enjoying the natural environment. And it is that for cycling it is super important to be well equipped with a good bicycle, and the appropriate clothing and footwear to pedal without risk of injury. Of course, the shoes are among the most important because they must ensure the foot and the grip on the bicycle pedal well.

The first thing to think about is what we expect as the main characteristics of mountain biking shoes, for this here you have the best in terms of price, quality and safety load. For bicycle fans it is very important to find the perfect shoes, and taking a look on the net you can find great options like these. It is not necessary to buy the latest and most expensive, but simply buy the right shoes that take care of our comfort and safety.

The shoes have to allow us to enjoy a trip to the mountain without our feet suffering. And for that it is important to take into account some factors that make them differ from each other. It is essential to know how to choose the size of the shoe for this sport, but there are also other issues such as not all cycling shoes are suitable for all disciplines. When it comes to mountain biking, the anchoring and adjustment system is specific.

Other essential tips

In this discipline you have to learn certain codes. In addition to taking into account the importance of proper footwear to avoid injuries, when it comes to safety, you also have to know your limits and be well equipped. A helmet that absorbs an adequate impact or properly certified wheels can avoid serious consequences in the event of a fall. Safety comes first .

It is a very common mistake to try to imitate those who know the most and the professionals right from the start, but we must bear in mind that we have to respect the learning periods; as well as remember to spend about ten minutes warming up your muscles before each outing. It is very useful in this sense to raise the ankles and knees, stretch the back and arms, and do repetitions of squats, jumps and even some planks. The first pedal strokes must also be smooth and accompany this warm-up.

Avoid very high average speeds, even if you already have some experience. It is better to enjoy the hours than to suffer for reaching a goal that is too high.

Another important aspect is overall comfort.

The most important thing is to feel completely comfortable on the bike to be able to do many kilometers enjoying the environment. This also includes being prevented with the nutrition and hydration that we carry for the route, and although the weight must be as light as possible, the bottle must be at least 500ml.

It is important to take with us the minimum material to repair the most frequent breakdowns or breakages, such as a puncture or a broken chain, especially if you go out alone.

Another important piece is the heart rate monitor , which has become essential for many athletes. With it we can control the effort and measure the limits, staying between 130 and 150 beats per minute.

With these materials and following these tips we will evolve while we improve in our outings to the mountains.