Sleeping in street clothes is taking days off your life

Falling asleep in street clothes makes us feel a little dirty the next morning. Although many do not realize it, clothes are full of dirt and could make us sick if we sleep with them on.

Unless we are in a 24/7 sterile environment, clothes will accumulate germs throughout the day. That’s true even if they look clean and they’re not in a germ-rich environment like a hospital or doctor’s office. Once those germs or bacteria (can include microbes like Salmonella, E. coli, and Staphylococcus) stick to the fabric, they’ll probably stick around for a while. That is, about 90 days in cotton and more than 200 days in polyester . And from there, they can go directly to the skin.

Once that happens, there’s a chance they could infect you and make you sick, especially if you wear your clothes for long periods of time, like sleeping. They can also transfer to sheets and multiply, turning the bed into a cesspool full of germs. The risk of infection is higher if we have a weak immune system, but anyone can get sick from sleeping in dirty clothes. And no shaking dirty clothes, as it can create an environment loaded with disease-carrying germs.

Infectious diseases are not the only concern here. If we have seasonal allergies , the pollen that sticks to our clothes from being outside can trigger symptoms, disrupt our sleep, or leave us feeling stuffy and stuffy in the morning. It’s why allergy experts always recommend taking off your street clothes and showering as soon as we arrive when the pollen count is high.

hombre durmiendo con ropa de calle

always clean pajamas

The best we can do is change from street clothes to clean clothes to sleep (or without clothes, if we prefer). And you don’t have to wait for night to do it. It is recommended to take off our dirty clothes as soon as we get home.

It’s also a good idea to wash your clothes before you put them back on, so you don’t expose yourself to lingering germs the next time. If we don’t have glasses to take off our clothes before going to sleep (imagine that we arrived after a good party), it is recommended to at least decontaminate the bed the next morning by washing the sheets.

Throwing ourselves into bed in our street clothes can increase our exposure to disease-causing germs and make us sick. And if we have allergies, it is very likely that we will notice that the symptoms intensify while we are trying to sleep. So once you understand the downsides, it’s probably not worth going back to bed without putting on clean pajamas.