How to include exercise in your life

Starting a new year should mean setting new goals in all areas, but where it is essentially important to make changes is in our lifestyle so that it is as healthy as possible. That can be a good motivation for next year.

An essential element to follow a healthy lifestyle is physical exercise . Thanks to it, our body and organism obtain multiple benefits, since in addition to keeping us in shape, our stress level decreases as well as anxiety.

Exercising every day is not a difficult task and everything you propose for next year in this area will be achieved by following these tips.

10 tips to get in the habit of exercising

1. Do exercises whenever you can

You can perform multiple exercises in your own home, without spending money, time or transportation to go to a gym. Look for an exercise guide or you can search for more routines on our website. Today there are a wide variety of workouts that you can do from home.

combinación de ejercicios

2. Add new exercises

Avoid having a fixed training routine, it is always good to try something new or unexpected. Talk to your personal trainer or find out about new exercises to add to your routine.

incorporar nuevos ejercicios a tu rutina

3. Stay motivated

Always keep in mind the benefits that exercise is going to bring you so as not to neglect your workouts. Do not look for excuses where there are none, since letting go several days without exercising has its consequences. Every day you can have a reason to keep your body in good condition and lead the healthy life that you want so much. You must become an “intrinsic motivator”, which means having an internal self-improvement motivation to achieve your goals.


4. Train first thing in the morning

Carrying out your training during the morning is a perfect option to start your day. Plus, starting your exercise routine early helps keep your mind fresh and lowers your stress level. Another very important fact within this point is that exercising before breakfast is related to the effectiveness when it comes to losing fat.

entrenamiento por la mañana

5. Exercise while you work

Sitting does not have to mean a sedentary life . Every time you have time to rest, do some exercise, there are several for which you do not need to go to a gym to carry them out. For example, there are stretching routines that you can do at your workplace.

ejercicio en la oficina

6. Make sure your training is fun

There are endless ways to make your workouts more fun, for example having your favorite songs on your mp3 player and playing them while you train. You can also exercise with friends or someone special, this will motivate you even more.

entrenamiento con música

7. Look for faster exercise alternatives

One of the most famous workouts in recent times is the High Intensity Interval Routine (HIIT). There are also alternatives like the Tabata workout that can be performed in as little as four minutes and offers a number of benefits, including improvements in aerobic capacity and muscular endurance. In addition, you will burn more fat in less time.

Entrenamiento aeróbico

8. Exercise at every opportunity that comes your way

When you are out of the gym, you can also burn calories by doing the activities you do every day, such as cleaning the house, picking vegetables from your garden, going for a walk instead of taking the car, taking the stairs and not the escalator or elevator , etc. Remember, it will not only be important what you do inside the gym, but especially what you can do outside of it.

ejercicio en casa

9. Make a plan

Having a plan is the key to success when it comes to exercising. For example, establish a strength training routine three times a week or follow a running training plan based on your goals. Having everything planned in advance helps you have a more organized life and carry out your workouts without skipping them.

trázate un plan

10. Keep a record of your workouts

Registering your workouts will allow you to know how much you have advanced and in this way you can demand more of yourself in each training. Over time you will see everything you have done, it will also help you to know if you have to make any changes in your exercises in case you have stalled.

registro entrenamientos


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