How do you use the Decathlon abdominal machine?

It is important to contract the abdominals and hold the nape of the neck, the lower back and the abdominal waist during the practice. It is important not to emphasize the amplitude of the movements, but to focus on movements of low amplitude and well controlled. To do this, many people use a sit-up machine. In this case, we analyze how the Decathlon works.

Practically, these machines seek to maintain a small angle in relation to the ground and contract the abdominals. For people with back problems, it is important to dose the effort. In Decathlon we can find it at a sale price of €29.99, although in times of sales it can be obtained for €24.99.

Instructions for use

Before you begin, your head should rest comfortably on the head cushion. This is extremely important to ensure proper form.

Recumbent ab machines have grab bars that we can use to keep us connected to the ground so that the abs do most of the work. We will hold on to them so that the repetitions are as efficient as possible.

We will exhale as we advance in each repetition. The hips must maintain contact with the pad at all times. We will try to maintain a constant rhythm without erratic or forced movements. We will inhale as we return the body to the starting position. From there, we are free to repeat as the training plan allows.


This abdominal machine from Decathlon is as simple as it sounds. It offers an easy way to build core muscles without straining your neck or back. Thanks to the ergonomic steel construction, we can get fast and reliable basic workouts in a matter of minutes. This device is a steel loop with a headrest and several adjustable sections that alternate length and width.

If we want to focus on core strength, rather than a full body workout, this machine is for us. The design offers easily repeatable crunches that target the abs and obliques. Although there are a couple of different ways to work your abdominal muscles with machines, it’s great when the training is repetitive.

The headrest is a valuable addition for anyone looking to build upper body strength. It allows us to place the head on a support surface that moves with the abdominal machine during each movement. As a result, it minimizes the stress typically associated with abdominal exercise machines.

full range of motion

With this machine we have a full range of motion that would not otherwise have been possible. This is essential for those who want to see quality results that will last for a long time.

Getting a full range of motion ensures that every contraction you do is maximized to its true potential. Most of the people without the machine would not be able to achieve the desired results because their technique is poor. This machine helps streamline the movement to ensure that the abdominal contraction is performed correctly every time. For those who want to see results, this is essential.

adjusted stress

Another reason most people fail to see gains with their abs has to do with the stress placed on the muscle. If the movement doesn’t stress the muscle and fatigue it (in a good way), the muscle will never grow.

Muscle needs to be put to the test in order for it to recover and grow. This is where the six pack is because without putting stress on the muscle, the chances of seeing your abs grow are slim to none in both the short and long term.


This benefit is often overlooked, but it plays an important role for most users. The intrinsic comfort associated with this machine is a must for those who don’t want to feel neck and back pain post-workout.

The machine is designed to alleviate these concerns and ensure that the movement is performed only for the abs and does not hurt other parts. The comfort comes through the way the movement is performed correctly every time. This ensures that the abs are the only thing being worked and not the neck and/or back.

Easy to use

The final benefit associated with the Decathlon abdominal machine comes from its ability to be an easy-to-use option. Doing sit-ups is difficult because your toes start to rise or your neck starts to contract. Sit-ups must be performed correctly for significant results.

The machine is easy to use and one will have no difficulty setting it up and getting to work towards that chiseled abs. The six pack no longer has to be elusive because it is designed to get the job done effectively. The athlete immediately knows how the machine works.

ejercicios maquina de abdominales de decathlon

Is it effective?

Doing sit-ups with a sit-up machine is a great way to work your abdominal and oblique muscles. Without a doubt, adding this movement to the exercise routine will help us on the road to getting great abs.

Still, it never hurts to supplement the crunch machine with a few other crunch variations, many of which will see the added benefits of a medicine ball.

These can target certain muscle groups that the ab machine misses, and we’ll be one step closer to looking the figure we want. We’ll consider including some bike crunches, V crunches, or reverse crunches to get a full abdominal workout.

If we want to take abdominal training to the next level, there are people who invest in an abdominal stimulator or one of the abdominal toning belts available in the market that you can use at home or at work to tone your abs.

Possible contraindications

As long as we give ourselves adequate recovery time and don’t overdo the weight, we should have no problem using an ab machine. The most common causes of injury are taking on too heavy a weight and not using the correct form of contraction.

With all types of exercise, including sit-ups, we will always try to be aware of what the body is trying to tell us. If using an abdominal machine causes back pain , then we should find out what we are doing wrong or consult a specialist. It may be a sign that we have a general back problem.