Do you like the Turkish bath? These are your benefits

It is quite likely that we have ever heard of the steam room or Turkish bath. They are usually in the Spa centers next to the sauna, and today we are going to count the pores and cons of spending time inside that steamy room. Yes, Turkish baths have quite a few health benefits, but there are also many drawbacks that we never think of.

The steam bath is equally beneficial for the body, but there are those who find it distressing. This is why we have proposed to talk about it and tell everything, from the maximum time we can stay in the room, the benefits of steam for our body and who should not take steam baths.

We will learn all this if we finish reading the text. Thus, the next time we go to a Spa or want to take a steam bath, we know what advantages it offers to our body and whether or not we, due to our medical condition, can give ourselves those steam baths.

What are steam baths?

They are waterless bathrooms where there is only water vapor and a high concentration of humidity. Unlike saunas, which are dry air, in steam baths the environment is very humid (close to 100%) and this is what provides the benefits that we will see in a specific section a little later.

The funny thing is that inside the rooms there is a mist that when resting on the body helps to disperse our heat and refreshes our body. Inside a steam room there are between 25 and 36 degrees of temperature and a humidity greater than 90%.

The steam bath is also known as a Turkish bath or hammam. It is considered one of the infallible methods for relaxation, hence one of its benefits is that it encourages sleep.

The steam bath is famous throughout the world and appeared with Ancient Rome, as we well know, the thermal baths and public baths were very popular. In fact, it was one of the most important rooms of that time.

A few years later, the first Turkish bath was opened by Richard Barter in Great Britain and it was after reading the book “The Pillars of Hercules” by the British writer and diplomat David Urquhart.

And it is that in that book they talked about his travels through Morocco and Spain in 1848 and in much of history steam baths and the tradition that has been dragged from Ancient Rome are mentioned.

Una pareja en un baño de vapor

Tips before entering the Turkish bath

A Turkish bath cannot be accessed in any way, but we must know some basic rules and have very good manners. To fully enjoy this type of experience, you must follow a series of tips that we give below:

  • Inform those responsible if we have any physical or mental problem that may disturb us in that room.
  • Say if we take any type of medication.
  • Before entering we must be well hydrated.
  • Take care of the physical appearance and hygiene.
  • Use a towel at all times.
  • Do not enter drunk or consume alcohol inside.
  • Do not eat or drink in the room.
  • Wear suitable footwear at all times to avoid fungi and other infections.
  • Respect the other members of the room.
  • Keep silence.
  • If we start to feel bad, we should leave the room and ask for help.
  • Do not stay inside for more than 20 minutes.

Benefits of the Turkish bath

The steam bath has many benefits and we want to tell the main ones along the following lines. In this way we can assess whether we are convinced to spend some heat for 15 or 20 minutes or not.

Going to a Spa does not force us to go through the steam room, but it does make the experience more complete and satisfying.

Relaxes the nervous system

Steam baths are not as exhausting and stressful as saunas, since the environment is humid and not dry heat. This helps people with stress and anxiety to relax to the point of being able to sleep better and there are even those who use that time in the Turkish bath to meditate if they are alone in the room.

This is why another of its benefits is that it facilitates falling asleep , after finishing the Spa session and having crossed the entire thermal circuit.

Deflames the respiratory system

The power of steam has been known for a long time, in fact, when a child suffers from asthma or suffocates due to mucus and inflammation of the bronchial tubes due to a flu episode or similar, what is usually done is to take a bath with steam to open the airways.

With the steam, the airways become moistened and their capacity to exchange oxygen in the lungs increases. If we have a cold, we will feel a lot of relief.

baño turco con vapor

Eliminates toxins and cleanses the body

This is one of the best benefits of going to a Turkish bath, and that is that the heart races in order to cool down the body and that, in turn, gets more toxins out of the body.

In the same way, the response to sweat is improved and the pores are dilated, so more toxins and heavy metals are released. The pores of the entire body are deeply cleansed, ridding our skin of impurities and blackheads.

Also, the steam facilitates the secretion of vaginal discharge and helps the female genitalia to clean. Moreover, if we are in the middle of a menstruation and it is painful, the steam and relaxation will reduce that pain.

Relieves arthritis pain

If we suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, the steam will calm our pain and discomfort in general , since, by improving blood circulation, it increases the oxygenation of all cells and we will feel a generalized feeling of relief that will secrete endorphins and heat the joints that are damaged. .

Who can’t get into a steam room?

No, not everything is perfect. There is a negative side and that is that not everyone can access a steam bath. For example, pregnant women should not be subjected to this type of situation.

Neither do those with heart conditions or circulation problems, including varicose veins. Older people should not enter, as this sudden change could do them more harm than good.

In the same way, if we have a skin problem , an allergy to sweat, we have asthma, bronchitis or something chronic related to the respiratory system, we should not enter a steam bath.