Can you grind coffee in a food processor?

Grinding coffee is not that simple, which is why some people prefer to buy it ground so as not to have to mess around too much at home.

Although some people prefer to eat coffee beans, the most common is to grind them to have a delicious infusion. However, when we do not have a special grinder available, the first thing we think of is a food processor or Thermomix.

Coffee grinder or food processor?

The truth is that we can grind coffee in a food processor. We will separate the ideal amount of grains and put them inside the processor. Grinding them in five second intervals every 10-20 seconds would suffice. We’ll make sure the grind is consistent and keep repeating the process until we get a good result. When we’re done, we’ll disassemble and wash the processor to remove the coffee smell.

However, like the blender, the food processor leaves the beans large and with an inconsistent grind. If we have a coffee grinder, the best option is to use it. However, if we don’t have one, we already know that it is possible to grind coffee with other equipment and have just as good results. Thus, a blender or a food processor will supply the lack of the coffee grinder, presenting results as good as this one.

The main difference between a coffee grinder and a food processor is in the rotating and cutting parts of each piece of equipment. Specifically, in coffee grinders there are wheels, which are made exclusively for grinding coffee.

There are notable differences between a food processor and a coffee grinder, such as the blades. Therefore, coffee grinders grind coffee more evenly because they are specifically designed to grind coffee beans. However, the Thermomix blades are prepared to chop hard foods, including coffee. So don’t be scared by the noise, you won’t have to worry about anything. In a matter of seconds, you will have a delicious freshly ground aromatic coffee.

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Is freshly ground coffee better?

Yes, freshly ground coffee is better than keeping it ground. If we don’t grind the coffee immediately before extraction, we will never experience the full potential it has to offer.

It only takes 10 minutes after grinding for the coffee to lose a considerable amount of its aroma and flavor. However, there is a less radical line that claims coffee is still good to drink for a few days after being ground. So to have in your hands a cup of coffee with a fresh aroma, intense and rich in flavors, we will not negotiate with freshly ground coffee.

The ideal is to grind only the coffee that we are going to consume. But, if we want, we can for the following days. Once we have it ground, we will store it in an airtight jar and it will keep perfect.