Avoid burnt coffee with these simple tricks

There’s nothing like a freshly brewed, smooth, robust cup of coffee. When that liquid hits our mouths first thing in the morning, it can help set the mood for the rest of the day. Therefore, when we notice burnt or bad tasting coffee, the whole rest of the day could be ruined.

But why does coffee taste burnt? Mainly, the problem is likely to be the coffee itself or its brewing method. However, dark roast beans overheat easily and you may want to switch to a lighter roast. We also need to make sure that the coffee is not stale and that the coffee machine is clean.

The easiest method is to watch the coffee maker while it works. However, if we can’t, we’ll set a timer so we don’t forget until it’s too late. We must also turn off the coffee maker once it has finished so that the liquid does not overheat.

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simple remedies

If you want to make coffee like an expert, here are some simple tricks to avoid burnt coffee.

remove coffee from heat

The temperature of the water can affect the flavor of the coffee. Even if the brewing process was perfect, overheating hot coffee will ruin the flavor and make it taste burnt.

So, after the cup of coffee is ready, we need to remove it from the hot plate. It won’t keep coffee hot for as long, but cold coffee will taste better than burnt coffee. Lastly, we can switch to a single serve drip coffee maker so we never overheat the brew. A single-dose coffee machine is still a versatile machine.

replace coffee

If we’ve had the same ground coffee for weeks, it may be stale. Instant coffee will go stale faster than any other type of coffee, but it’s still possible for stale beans to go rancid if not stored properly.

As fresh, ground beans are exposed to oxygen, your beans will degrade, negatively affecting flavor. Ground coffee starts to go stale after seven days, so we’ll consider switching to whole beans or using a more airtight container for the coffee. Whole beans last two to six months before turning rancid.

Switch to a lighter roast

Dark roasts generally come from over-roasted coffee beans. So if we opt for a dark roast coffee, there is a chance that the beans may have been burnt when we bought them.

Unfortunately, we can’t avoid a burnt flavor with specific brands unless we have our own roasting process. To fix the issue, we’re switching to a lighter roast level.

clean the coffee maker

As hot water runs through the brewer, mineral deposits and oils from the coffee can clog the water reservoir and other internal parts over time. We will regularly clean the coffee equipment to avoid burnt or bitter flavors.

And if we have a stainless steel coffee maker, we will want to know how to disinfect it.