5 reasons not to wear briefs under your swimsuit

Many people wonder if they should wear panties or briefs under their swim trunks. In general, we should never have to wear underwear underneath, beyond how aesthetic or unattractive it may be.

If it’s a one-piece, you don’t need to wear a bra or panties. Whether it’s swimsuits, shorts or turbos, we usually shouldn’t wear underwear under them either.

Main risks

Wearing briefs under your swimsuit is not as good an idea as it sounds. This practice has several hidden drawbacks. If we want to have a quiet summer, it is recommended to know what happens when wearing underwear.

comes with liners

This is one of the main reasons why we should not wear briefs under the swimsuit. A swimsuit usually comes with some type of lining that keeps private areas private. Not only that, these built-in liners also act as a kind of underwear.

As for the bra, the bikini top is created with either underwire or regular bra cups. Thus, our private areas will not be visible to the public. Even if the creators of the swimsuit don’t fit any of the aforementioned cups, they will be a sort of built-in liner that will keep those private areas out of public view.


A second reason why it is safe to say that we should not wear underwear under a swimsuit is that it will not make us feel comfortable. If we are going to emphasize swimming, the goal would be to be able to enjoy every moment in the pool while letting go of all the stress endured for a long time.

And being a kind of recreational activity, we do not have to wear something that does not prevent us from having that fun and relaxation that we so much desire. For this reason, those who devised the concept of the swimsuit did so with the belief that what they should produce must be something that is free and that allows us to swim well.

So they came up with the idea of putting on a liner like you do with underwear. In this way, it is more comfortable and we will swim calmly.


Some swimwear manufacturers make them resistant to chlorine. This is because chlorine destroys swimsuits and makes them completely useless after a while. This is one of the reasons why we should not wear briefs under the swimsuit.
Underwear is not safe, so it must be exposed to chlorinated water. Therefore, we must wear only the bathing suit without wearing underwear under the suit.

Swimming pools use chlorine because it helps keep the water free of germs and other bacteria. Without chlorine, these pools would be inundated with germs and bacteria that would be detrimental to health. However, chlorine ruins swimsuits. Hence the need for resistant swimsuits.


Underwear is likely to be visible to everyone. And aside from that, there’s no point in going back to wearing underwear when you know that the swimsuit comes with some sort of built-in liner that takes the place of underwear. So we can’t wear underwear in the water.

In addition, wearing underwear can also make us feel uncomfortable. Undergarments will be visible to those in the pool. So to be safer, we should avoid wearing underwear so that it is not visible.

dirt transfer

Dirt transfer is another reason we’ve said we shouldn’t wear briefs under swim trunks. It is quite possible that dirt can be easily transferred to underwear.

Wearing the underwear will cause the underwear to be stained or dirty with the pool environment or the environment in which you sit. Except if we intend to throw the underwear away after going to the pool because we are not only damaging the underwear, but also filling it with dirt everywhere.

personas con ropa interior debajo del bañador

Is there a time when it should be used?

In rare circumstances, yes. For example, if the swimsuit does not have enough support, we can try wearing a bra underneath. If the shorts don’t have any lining, in most circumstances, you’d probably be better off wearing boxer shorts rather than going commando. Women can wear panties with shorts for comfort.

Some people may just be afraid that their swimsuits will fall off. While others just want extra support or compression, these are all valid reasons to wear underwear. However, most of these and similar problems can be eliminated simply by choosing a better swimsuit.

Can underwear be used as a swimsuit?

In general, it is not recommended. Most pools have some kind of swimwear policy. Most of them require that we wear acceptable swimwear and forbid the wearing of underwear or street clothes. Those policies are implemented primarily for security reasons. Clothing worn outdoors can carry waterborne diseases and make other swimmers sick.

Clothing can also transfer dirt and dust particles into the pool, which can upset the chemical balance of the water. The chemicals in the pool act as disinfectants and help fight germs and prevent the spread of disease. Therefore, it is important to keep dirt from clothing out of the pool.

The rules are also necessary to provide some consistency in coverage between swimmers, as well as to prevent accidental nudity. Because underwear usually doesn’t have a drawstring, it’s more likely to slip off the body while swimming. Underwear can also turn see-through after getting wet.

On the beaches, on the other hand, we can wear whatever we want, so it’s acceptable to wear bras, boxers, briefs, or whatever else comes to mind.

So if we have forgotten the swimsuit, we can wear a tight sports bra and nylon panties. Just keep in mind that underwear can turn see-through after getting wet.

Can a swimsuit be used as underwear?

Although a swimsuit can function as underwear, it is not recommended to wear it that way. Swimsuits can irritate the skin and become uncomfortable over a long period of use. The underwear is made specifically for extended wear and is made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials that are skin-friendly and comfortable to wear. Also, underwear is cheaper and will last longer than a swimsuit worn as underwear.