5 paleo foods any baby can take

The feeding of any baby should depend on the opinion of an expert, although the final decision will always be the parents'. Lately there has been a trend that eliminates ultra-processed products in children, even if they are the famous packaged baby food. Social pressure to eat as healthy as possible has led most adults to consider their own diet, opting for natural and fresh foods.
Although it may seem crazy, there are many parents who also want to bring a paleo diet to the little ones. Is this possible? Can it be good for them?

Unfortunately, baby food (purees, cereals, yogurts, cookies …) are ultra-processed full of added sugars, starch and sodium. And last but not least, the price is higher compared to if we cooked it at home.

alimentos paleo para bebés

Babies are lovers of whole foods, raw and with different textures. There are many who prefer that their children eat with their hands so that they experience different sensations with touch and taste. Likewise, they decide when they are satisfied with food.

I present you five paleo foods, recommended for the smallest of the house. Even if you are pregnant you can feed your baby from the inside.


Despite the fact that many adults find it an unappetizing food, babies love it. I am sure that the grime we feel towards the liver is because we know where it comes from, so the little ones' ignorance will make them enjoy its properties.

The liver is ideal for improving blood iron levels, as well as being a great source of vitamins A, C and with a high protein content. In addition, the liver is especially recommended in the weaning stages. And if we combine it with healthy probiotic foods, such as kimchi, it favors the digestion process.


Both salmon and roe have become the quintessential paleo food. In addition, it is one of the most consumed in a healthy and balanced diet.
It is a fantastic source of essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA), vitamin D, and protein. If we mix it with a little avocado, we will have a perfect dose of healthy fats for the baby.

Egg yolks

Why are we afraid of egg yolks? And why are we going to ban our children? Ideally, no child should grow up with any food ban, let alone removing the egg yolks. This part of the egg is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids for both adults and babies.

It is true that the whites are easier to digest until after the first year, but once that time is over, it is ideal to introduce them into the diet. It is best to consume free-range or fresh eggs, to make it as pale as possible.


As we said before, together with salmon, avocados are one of the most favorite foods for babies. Although being honest, who doesn't seem appetizing? It is no longer just for being a good source of healthy fats and proteins, but for its easy digestion.
Experts recommend that avocado be used in the weaning phase. Crush it, add a little salt and mix it with milk (breast milk or formula). Your baby is going to get dirty, but what does that matter?


Perhaps this is one of the most paleo foods that we are going to find in the list. Marrow is the bone marrow of animals, and I know that many also feel rejection. Some people use bones to make broth, but children may love to bite into them like animals.
In the process of having their teeth come out, children need to bite down on things to make them bother, so marrow can be a great option.

If you are using the bones to make broth, remove them early from the pot and give them to your baby. Although you can also resort to putting them in the oven and give them with a little avocado.

Try these foods and watch your baby's reactions. Without prejudice, he will devour them without thinking about anything, as if he were a mini person taken from the caverns.