3 vegan egg substitutes for your cookie recipes

By adopting veganism you know that getting foods without prohibited ingredients can be a difficult task, especially in those areas of the world where veganism is not a trend. Fortunately, the options continue to grow to adapt traditional family recipes to a new life without animal ingredients.

Other reasons for not using eggs in your recipes can be health or allergies, so this replacement for such a popular ingredient will be of great help to many. For this reason, we provide you with 3 vegan substitutes for eggs for your cookie recipes .

Cómo hacer galletas sin utilizar huevos

Why are eggs important in a recipe?

First, you have to define the importance of eggs and their essential role in baking cookies.

The egg traditionally works as an emulsifier ; namely, Helps combine wet ingredients with high-fat ingredients, such as butter or oil, resulting in a uniform dough that does not have a tendency to separate. In addition, the yolk of the egg provides a greater density, flavor and color to the dough, also giving it a smoother texture. On the other hand, the egg white creates texture and allows the dough to rise.

However, as we have said, vegans cannot consume them, so we provide you with 3 alternatives to eggs that can work just as well in vegan cookie recipes .

La importancia de los huevos en una receta

3 egg substitutes when baking

1. Potato starch

As you can guess, this ingredient comes from the potato. The reason this type of starch works is because of its lack of flavor, ideal to replace eggs in a sugar cookie recipe.

Usually, starches of different types are used for this characteristic and, in addition, to add density to the mixture. If you choose this option you will have to calculate its quantity depending on how much density the cookie mix needs.

For a medium-density sugary cookie recipe, you can start with just one tablespoon of potato starch, then add one more tablespoon to your desired consistency.

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2. Tapioca starch

Like the previous one, this ingredient comes from a tuber, in this case it is from the yucca root. It also shares the same properties, with minimal flavor and acting to provide more density to any cookie mix .

The reason its neutral flavor is so important is because you can then manipulate the flavor of the cookie to your liking, adding a sugar frosting and decorating the cookie with colored chips.

You only need a tablespoon or 2 at most to replace the egg in this recipe, although it is safest to start with just one and see if you need more, since you can always add more.

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3. A precooked egg substitute

A good option, and probably the safest if you don’t want to experiment with ingredients you’ve never seen before, is to opt for a pre-cooked egg substitute.

This usually works in different types of mixes, both for cookies and cakes, homemade breads, muffins, pancakes and brownies. In addition, it solves all your problems by containing the correct proportions of potato starch and tapioca starch in one package. It also includes a small proportion of baking soda that acts as a lifting agent and a part of psyllium fiber powder that adds texture to the cookie.

To use it, you just have to combine a tablespoon of this mixture with 2 tablespoons of water and let it rest for a minute so that it takes on density, although if you follow the instructions indicated on the package you cannot go wrong.


Being a culinary arts professional is not necessary to bake simple cookies, but it is essential to find the right ingredients and adapt the recipe to your eating habits.

Veganism is becoming more and more popular and shouldn’t be an impediment to enjoying traditional recipes like cookies.


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